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To improve the quality of the video feed, close or stop any bandwidth-heavy applications when viewing your camera's Live Video.

Here's an example HA configuration for using the Android IP Webcam app as an IP camera, a switch for the device's flash, and an example to poll the motion sensor data which is continually generated and published to the app's HTTP interface.

On the Android app side, download and install the app, configure the video settings and sensor data and start the server.

HA config: I've got quite a few old Android devices sitting in junk drawers around the house which I wanted to make use of in connection with HA.

Do take note that when you remotely access your FAM CAM it uses the uplink bandwidth of your connection.

The basic FAM CAM does not have on-board storage but you have use the D-View Cam software that can be installed in any PC.

Once you've installed the app onto your device, configure it to use the video settings you'd like and enable sensor recording with whatever sensors you want to be able to monitor.

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When inspecting this page you can see how when you check/uncheck the sensors it updates the URL to include/exclude each sensor in an array .

CT: 1040196, ELC 0189754-C5; DE: FAL-0299, FAC-0293, SSPS 11-123; MA: SS-001968; ME: LM50017039; MD: 107-1776, Baltimore County: RK9552, Howard County: ER00990, Washington County: EL-R-0218, Harford County: 00005321, Calvert County: L0188, Prince George's County: 13958-2014-0; NJ: 34BF00047700; NY: licensed by the N. An XFINITY Home technician will evaluate your equipment and check compatibility.

For best experience, it is recommended that you access your FAM CAM one viewing at a time.

If you are subscribed to HOME Fibr, Then you can access your FAM CAM up to 3 simultaneous users.

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