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This allows you to break up complex queries in to multiple simpler ones, place conditions on some of these queries that would otherwise be left or right joins, and aggregate what would otherwsie be separate queries executed from the application.

All this adds up to *huge* performance improvements. Multiple applications, or one monolithic app broken into smaller pieces, all have access to these common server supplied procs.

Therefore we combine these 3 rows to Check In Date(2015-03-04) and Check Out Date(NULL) by taking the min date and max date of overlapping dates. /** * Generates a table of contents for the document * @param where the selector to which to append the T. Recently graduated from the University of Washington, with a degreen in Computer Science and a minor in Music.Web development has been my passion for many years.In Microsoft Access 2013, I would like to use the built-in VBA (Visual Basic for Application) functions, but my Access database does not seem to recognize them.How do I activate the built-in VBA function in Access so that I can use them in my Access database?

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