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On top of all this, the Mindcotine app allows you to communicate with other smokers trying to quit, creating a supportive community with one clear goal.‘We understand that it is community, and not medicine, who creates health,’ said Emilio.

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Public Health England is campaigning for a ‘tobacco-free NHS’ with more support on quitting offered to patients, visitors and staff.Mindcotine, a California-based startup, lets you to get all the sensation of smoking without the whole risk of dying thing.According to its Kickstarter campaign which launched last week, Mindcotine is ‘designed to allow you to surf over your cravings for smoking, while you acquire the skills necessary to face the challenge of relapse.’ Tech whizzes Cristian Waitman, Nicolas Rosencovich and Emilo Goldenhersch spent one month working with the University of Communication producing a prototype of the app, which launched on Kickstarter last week, according to Emilio. The app features guided meditation and calming imagery to encourage introspection.‘There is a clear opportunity to achieve significant short-term savings and reduce demand.’ Tobacco is the single biggest cause of premature death in England, costing the NHS an estimated £2 billion every year and another £1.1 billion in social care, according to PHE.Around seven million adults in England smoke and for every death caused by smoking there are around 20 suffering from diseases.

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