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In the event that your SIM card and handset is lost or stolen, immediately report the SIM card as lost or stolen, and ensure that your phone is blacklisted.Make sure that you have your IMEI number on hand to ensure that the correct handset is blacklisted.Any use of a prepaid product, which deprives MTN of revenue, constitutes fraud.Prepaid fraud includes illegally adding or applying value to the prepaid account.

Conduct that violates South African Law, regulatory conditions, and / or the accepted Netiquette on internet, is expressly prohibited.

The report was commissioned by za, an online child safety initiative, and was carried out during August and September 2011.

The findings are based on more than 200 chats in a variety of South African online chat rooms, focussing on real-time, anonymous chats.

In addition, thanks to lack of advertising guidelines equivalent to those which exist in the offline world, these chat rooms were marketed and advertised on platforms easily accessible to children.

These results highlight an alarming security risk for children It is inevitable that security frameworks lag technological development, but parents need to be aware of these dangers, and industry organisations and the government need to tighten up on out-dated regulations and legislation in order to protect South African children.

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