Updating customer information form

You can even chat live with other developers in #stripe on freenode.Sometimes your customers need to change the card info that they have on record with your business, whether that’s just to swap in a preferred card, or because the bank issued a replacement.Almost every form captures this basic data; the trick is having the real-time systems in place to make sure it is accurate.This information includes what you need to know to provide your products and services to the customer properly. You need to know if the client prefers synthetic motor oils. You need to know what computers and Internet service the clients currently have. You need to know the square footage the customer is looking to cover.

Updated Customer Information- Organization Name:___________________________Customer Number:#___________ Billing Address: Address:___________________________City:______________State:___Zip:________ Shipping Address for Materials: Address:___________________________City:______________State:___Zip:________ Contact Information: Accounting Contact Name:_________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________Email: _______________________________ Additional Contact Name: _________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________Email: _______________________________ 2.The privacy of your personal information is important to us and in accordance with The Privacy Act of 1974, be assured that MAWSS will not release any of your information without your express consent. To ensure your privacy is protected, we offer a variety of methods for you to respond to this request.The words Big Data are spoken every day in corporate offices around the world.Use a simple Checkout form and a PHP script to collect and update card details for your customers.If you need help after reading this, search our documentation or check out answers to common questions.

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