Who is joe budden dating 2016 online dating anecdote

So I guess I’m probably going to be single for a long time and Joey loves that.

Joey would tweet his ass off on purpose the minute he sees that I’m not paying him no mind.

Recently, Cyn Santana has been hanging out with Joe Budden, of course they were on the show together for a while, too.

Early this morning, there was a person on Twitter who said Cyn Santana is dating Joe Budden.

However, the latest row between Joe Budden, Meek Mill and Drake is as bizarre and new-age as it gets.

Joe Budden Performs ' Final' Show in New York, Assures He's Not ' Ending Anything' The beef started with a podcast joke gone awry The dispute between Budden and Meek started last June when Budden joked about Meek and girlfriend Nicki Minaj on an episode of his podcast, ."I hate everything about it."Meek responded with a series of tweets, accusing Budden of being desperate for attention, referencing a photo that basketball player J. Smith posted with Budden’s ex Tahiry, and saying that the crowd was unresponsive when Meek brought Budden onstage during his sold-out show in New York City."Rap money slowing up...guess it’s love & hip hop," Meek tweeted at the time. U don’t rap well enough to go this route w me.” He apologized to Meek on the following episode of his podcast, but the beef triangle had begun.During his first diss record, Joe Budden made claims of Drake getting with Tahiry, the woman most people know him most for dating. Meanwhile, Drake is known for being with various women.Long before she was on “Love & Hip Hop,” dating Erica Mena, Cyn Santana was tied to Drake.

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