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Image Source: We imagine that no one was more surprised than Gabrielle Union to find that her boyfriend Dwayne Wade secretly fathered a baby while they were taking a break.

After their break up, Deepika started dating Ranbir Kapoor.The goal of this post is to reveal some shocking dating secrets that will change the image you have about dating. Good Genes The provider is someone that would become a perfect father.Most men believe for example that the best dating strategy is a long term old school courtship where the male offers flowers and expensive meals to the female. Someone that is wealthy, very warm and very protective is usually a Provider. Good Genes is usually someone that has many girlfriends, he is kind of bad boy, he has a very high social status and a nice body.These are surprisingly unknown and untold secrets about women, which even the most renown dating gurus aren’t aware of or openly disclose with their clients.To help refine your perspective, and acquire a renewed sense of confidence when it comes to approaching and dealing with women.”“Perhaps labeling the 20 dating secrets as powerful and practical dating tips for men is an understatement, as told by Andrew himself, as these golden nuggets ” – Ron Yeoh Get yourself a free copy jam-packed with 20 dating secrets to attract and learn more about women now.

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